Why Training Or Re Training Your Assistant Or Administrator Is Important

When we launched PRA Professional RealEstate Assistant Training, we did it because we felt there was aneed in our profession. We had no idea how much of a need therereally was. Every day we receive emails and letters from frustratedassistants who say they are hired and expected to do a job, but areconstantly walking on eggshells as they are doing it. The REALTORSare frustrated because they believe their assistants should just knowtheir job and if they dont leave them a checklist, they will onlydo the very minimum. Brokers are frustrated because, in most cases,they end up having to add refereeing to their already full day.

So what is the answer?

REALTORS are busy people. Their daysrevolve around regulatory requirements, legal expectations, andmanaging exemplary service details. Their time is best spent on thepriorities of their business. It is not only their obligation, but itis also a requirement of their license that they actively manage andare responsible for the actions of their support personnel. Sounderstandably, they should always be on top of the tasks that arebeing carried out in their office.

When real estate assistants andadministrators have been trained, at the very least, on the rulesand regulations in which a real estate business mustbe operated under, both the REALTOR and the broker can rest assuredthat it is one less thing that needs to be micro-managed.

REALTORS, in most cases, have onepassionto sell real estate; that is what they do best. We at PRATraining Inc., are active REALTORS and Assistants with 26 combinedyears of experience. We understand the What and Whysthat assistants need to know and what REALTORS and brokersexpect from their support personnel.

Assistants and administrators, whentrained by their employer, are frustrated that there are holes intheir knowledge. They dont understand Why they haveto fill out what they do or Why they must do certaintasks and not others. With a lack of knowledge comes mistakes,potential reprimands for real estate professionals, and anenvironment that results in less productivity and more liability.

At PRA Training Inc., we are here to doone thing: add a minimum standard of education and skillset for theunlicensed personnel in the real estate industry so that they canwork with real estate professionals and feel confident and competentin their role. We do this in answer to emails such as, Dear Nina,how do I get my boss to trust me enough so they can do their job andI can do mine?

Just as most real estate professionalare bound to their ongoing professional development educationrequirements, so should their assistants. No matter how muchexperience a real estate assistant or administrator has, they need tobe trainedor re-trained.

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