Submitted by: Melissa Van Rossum

Our deceased loved ones reach out to us constantly, and they do it in every way they possibly can. They want us to feel their presence so well know that they are well and that they are not gone. There are many different ways our loved ones try to contact us, some ways are overt, others are more subtle. When you learn to recognize these cues from them, you can enjoy the love and the comfort they are sending to you.

I’m often asked if our deceased loved ones think about us, can see us or give any thought to our experiences once theyve crossed over. The answer is yes, absolutely.

In fact, when our loved ones leave their bodies and go to the Other Side they become acutely aware of subtleties they might not have seen when they were bound to their human body. Our loved ones are aware of what we feel, our joys and our sorrows and they know the challenges we face. They know about our accomplishments and our celebrations and they know of our losses, too. Typically, they know whats about to happen in our lives before we do.

They’re also less encumbered emotionally than they were when they were here. So, they’re often more able to offer much needed love and support and encouragement than they might have when they were here.

Someone once asked me, “If our loved ones are in heaven and they have everything they could need or want, why would they want to come back here?” Let’s turn that question around for a moment.

If you left today, think of how determined you would be to keep up with your loved ones as time moved on. Quite naturally you would want to come back to see your children marry, you’d be checking in on them to know if they were happy, and if not, why not. If you could offer them any guidance to help them, you would; and youd try every way possible to get that guidance to them in a way that they could see or hear or feel it.

You would want to know what type of parent they’d become, you’d want to be there for the birthdays, the holidays and the celebrations. And when a child’s or parent’s or other loved one’s life was over, you’d want to be there for them when it was time for their transition.

The love we share in our relationships continue on, even in the face of death. Because of that, it’s a very natural instinct for those we’ve known and loved, who are now on the Other Side, to reach out to us. Here are a few ways they do that:



– Our dreams are one of the easiest ways for our loved ones to reach us. At night, when we’re deeply asleep, our resistance and our disbelief relaxes; so it makes it easier for our loved ones to make themselves seen and heard. When we’re awake, it’s too easy for us discount our mystical experiences as a coincidence or a trick of the mind. The mother of a friend of mine deeply enjoyed her frequent, dream-time visits from her husband after he died. She would wake up the next morning feeling deeply loved and connected to him. Our dreams are an open field for our loved ones to be seen and deliver messages of love and comfort. Pay attention to how you feel after youve seen a departed loved one in your dreams and notice how healing those visits are for you.



– Sometimes those from the other side get our attention through certain songs or lyrics. They’re able to bring our attention to the words and the melodies that have a special meaning.



– During a reading with a client, his close family friend from the other side told me that she made her presence known to him by picking out books for him. When I asked him what she meant by that he told me that when he was in book stores that books literally fell off the shelves and into his hands. He often found significance in the titles and sometimes the content of the books. It made him realize she was still watching out for him and had his best interests at heart.


Etheric Scents

– Sometimes loved ones from the Other Side make themselves known by bringing memorable scents to our attention. These smells might resemble a perfume or after-shave they wore, or a favorite drink or cigar they used to enjoy. When Terri smells cigarette smoke (when no cigarettes are around) she knows her uncle is near. When Tom smells homemade chocolate chip cookies for just a brief moment (when none are present) he knows that’s his Grandmother’s way of letting him know she’s with him and watching over him.


Overt Messages

– Our loved ones know about special opportunities to make their messages known well in advance of their happening. Lena, a writer, and her mother walked through the airport on their way on to their vacation. There was construction going on in certain areas of airport so bare sheet rock was often visible as they made their way to their gate. As Lena got off the escalator with her mom, she had a sense of her recently deceased and much loved uncle. She looked to her left and saw the words that were printed on the sheet rock were cut off such that they revealed his name. “Look Mom,” said Lena, “it’s uncle Rocco letting us know he’s still with us.”

About the Author: Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic, empath and author. Her life’s work is to help people realize their dreams by finding their Divine Guidance. Their Way Home shares stories of her encounters with ghosts, who searched her out to guide them home. To learn more, visit

All You’ve Ever Known


Their Way Home



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Apple plans to sell movies on iTunes

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Apple Computer is planning to sell full-length feature films for download via the online iTunes Music Store. The store currently sells digital music tracks, and more recently has begun to sell TV episodes.

Apple executives are in negotiations with film studios to arrange the deal and settle on pricing structures. It is expected that films will retail for around $9.99 US dollars, although some studios are reported to want to set a higher price.

iTunes is currently by the biggest online retailer of digital music, with its software tightly integrated with the popular iPod line of products. Newer versions of the iPod include a colour screen capable of displaying videos, and so consumers could watch the films on the devices, but it is not yet clear how many people will want to do this.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is also the largest single shareholder of Disney, which now owns animation studio Pixar, however he could end up playing a wider role within the film industry if iTunes becomes the dominant online distributor.

A full-length TV movie, ‘High School Musical‘ from Disney, is already available on iTunes, suggesting that the technical infrastructure is already in place.

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India seeks web crackdown after failed talks with industry

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Indian authorities today declared an intent to force web companies to screen content for “offensive” and “blasphemous material”. The move follows failed talks yesterday with Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

Communications Minister Kapil Sibal says “My aim is that insulting material never gets uploaded”, and that web firms “will have to give us the data, where these images are being uploaded and who is doing it.” The government’s planned new policy is in response to web-based firms informing him they could not prevent such material being uploaded. “They have given it to me in writing that they will not do anything until we get an order from the court,” even though “At a meeting on 4 November, we showed them some of the photos and they too agreed that the photos were offensive,” said Sibal. The disputed material was first discussed three months ago.

Sibal calls the situation “unacceptable” and disputes the firms’ defence of being merely “platforms” for others to add material. He claims they showed their “intention was not to cooperate”. Facebook promised ongoing dialogue in a statement and “[recognise] the government’s interest in minimising the amount of abusive content”. They also promised to “remove any content that violates our terms, which are designed to keep material that is hateful, threatening, incites violence or contains nudity off the service.”

Google say they remove material breaching their policies and to comply with local legislation. “But when content is legal and doesn’t violate our policies, we won’t remove it just because it’s controversial, as we believe that people’s differing views, so long as they’re legal, should be respected and protected,” the company added.

“We have to take care of the sensibilities of our people, we have to protect their sensibilities. Our cultural ethos is very important to us,” Sibal said today. A response from web firms of “we throw up our hands, we can’t do anything about this” would not be tolerated.

Although some reports suggest the spat has been triggered by critiques of powerful politician Sonia Gandhi, Sibal claims the firms have previously hesitated to respond to requests for details of “terrorists”. All the material the government wishes to censor is “absolutely illegal, defamatory, pornographic or other similar kind of material” says Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi. Material in question includes cartoons of Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and material mocking religion including an image depicting pigs in Mecca.

Indian computer security expert Vijay Mukhi rubbished the suggestions. “The idea of prescreening is impossible. How will they do it?… There is no technology currently that determines whether content is ‘defamatory’ or ‘offensive’,” he told Reuters. This sentiment was broadly echoed by large numbers on Twitter; the tag #IdiotKapilSibal was among the nation’s Twitter users’ most-used today. Twitter and Facebook were the organising points earlier this year for an anti-graft campaign that saw thousands protesting and new laws passed.

Internet companies insist too much material flows through the web to make such screening plausible. Sibal says the firms are applying US standards which do not take Indian needs into account.

Research in Motion last year resisted Indian security demands for access to encrypted BlackBerry communications. The government gave up that request but did manage to gain limited access to some BlackBerry communications. Skype and Google were told then that local servers would be mandatory, allowing the government to inspect emails.

About 100 million of India’s 1.2 billion people are online. There are 28 million Indian Facebook profiles. Google says it has received 68 content removal requests from Indian officials this year, and there have also been concerns Google Earth could be used to plan militant attacks.

India’s new moves follow criticism of the United Kingdom earlier this year. The UK proposed social media restrictions following riots while the Foreign Secretary simultaneously criticised other nations using social media controls to limit protest.

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Submitted by: Peter Terry

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The most essential thing is to sign up the tax accountant services who work with colossal efficiency as far as their work is concerned. The best services of tax accountant will do wonders for you. The tax accountant should be thoroughly aware of all the secrets of his trade. You can seek out such a tax accountant in the yellow pages of your locality. It should be considered that to find the most excellent New Jersey tax accountant you will have to be patient. So gear yourself to engage yourself in this important task, if you want to render yourself free from taxes as often as you can.

YouTube Preview Image

In your search for the most proficient New Jersey tax accountant you will come across tax accountants which dedicate themselves to certain specific areas in tandem with payment of taxes. Nonetheless, if you are keen on appointing the tax accountant services who are well versed with the knowledge of payment of taxes as well as calculation of taxes then ensure to verify the experience of the person concerned. A tax accountant who has experience of several years will be more skillful in managing the work, wither in New Jersey or some other place.

The payment of taxes is essential and the process has to be handled with utmost care to avoid any perils. The tax accountants in New Jersey charges their fee in accordance with the work of tax accounting they perform. Maintaining all the documents related to the income along with any transactions done throughout the financial year. All these have to be kept a proper record as far as the fiscal transactions are concerned.

Subsequent to appointing the tax accountant services, it is imperative for you to acquaint yourself with all the facets related with tax payment. This knowledge enables you to take a rooted stand in presence of the overstated claims of the New Jersey tax accountant. If you can it is advised to counter-check thoroughly the backdrop as well as know the competency of the tax accountant. Garner as much as information possible for you about the payment of the taxes.

It is not possible for each and every individual to handle the payment of taxes solely themselves, this serves as the reason to appoint the services of tax accountant. There are several gradations concerning tax calculation as well as payment of taxes, which are immensely critical as far as the taxes payment within the time limits is concerned. So, make sure you employ the best services.

About the Author: Peter Terry has extensive knowledge about bookkeeping and knows the importance of this for running a successful business. To know more about New Jersey bookkeepers, New Jersey bookkeeping, New Jersey tax accountant, NJ Accounting and NJ accountant visit


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Proton rocket fails during launch of JCSAT-11 satellite

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Proton rocket which was intended to launch the JCSAT-11 satellite into a geostationary transfer orbit lifted off and successfully completed its first stage burn, but the second stage failed leading to loss of the rocket and satellite.

The launch vehicle was a Proton M booster with a Breeze M upper stage. More than 300 Proton rockets have been launched, all from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Following the launch failure, Kazakhstan suspended the launch of Proton rockets from Baikonur, Interfax news agency reported.

JSAT Corporation immediately placed an order with Lockheed Martin, the satellite manufacturer, for an identical replacement satellite based on the A2100AX design.

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Four arrested in three Naperville, Illinois prostitution stings

Monday, March 15, 2010

An undercover investigation by Naperville, Illinois law enforcement has led to the arrest last Thursday of four people allegedly involved in prostitution. The stings came after police received tips that people were using websites like Craigslist and to sell sexual performances in Naperville hotels. 

Patricia H. Scoleri of Naperville was arrested after an unidentified neighbor observed consistently suspicious activity at Scoleri’s home. Traffic was unusually heavy and consisted mostly of luxury cars in an otherwise quiet, middle-class neighborhood. Also, the visitors were mainly middle-aged men, and an odd string of lavender-colored lights were hung on the front window.

Police say Scoleri worked alone. She was arrested at 2 p.m. local time (2000 UTC) and is charged with violation of anti-prostitution laws, anti-cannabis laws, and the Massage Licensing Act. She apparently has four children, but the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has neither contacted her nor received a police report on her.

The second sting occurred at 5:30 p.m the same day (2330 UTC) and resulted in the arrest of Chicago resident Tonya M. Adams. She is charged with prostitution and driving without a license. Another sting about an hour later resulted in the arrests of Jessica M. Walley, a Skokie resident, and Mark A. Williams, a self-admitted Schaumburg gang member. “Walley was charged with prostitution and unlawful possession of cannabis. Williams was charged with pimping, obstructing a peace officer, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance,” reports WBBM News Radio 780.

All four suspects are free, having paid the required ten percent of their $1,000 bail. They may face additional charges related to crack cocaine discovered during the police investigation. Arraignment is scheduled for next month at the DuPage County Circuit Courthouse in Wheaton.

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By Melody N. Andes

Students learn a lot from school. When the classroom is an environment that fosters this learning, the students can reach their full potentials. This is why it is very important for you to know how to decorate your classroom.

Consider introducing more color into your area. The colors can make the students feel more motivated to participate in the discussions and to perform in the tasks.

Create a list of students that have performed pretty well in the past week or month. You should know how to assess your students correctly. Also be considerate enough to those who have not performed quite well. It may be fair for you to put the same students on the list if they are performing consistently well. However, you should create criteria that will include those students who are greatly improving. This will show that you appreciate the work that they are trying to put in their tasks. This might also trigger them to do better the next time around.

YouTube Preview Image

Poetry can be a good way for your students to share their feelings and thoughts. If you are the teacher, you need to expose your students to literature. Poems can be written all over the classroom. Be creative and look for areas that can be great to place these poems. Consider writing on the walls, the desks and even on the floors and ceilings.

Teach your students the importance of recycling. You can mix lessons and actual room decoration with this tip. Ask your students to bring items that they have thrown out but can still be recycled. Write down some guidelines on what these materials might possibly be. Don’t forget to instruct them to bring some glue, paste, etc. Think of an idea that can be the main thought of the recycling project. After this, you can display whatever creation your students have finished doing. Making your students work on one huge project may be better than instructing them to make one on their own. You can have an easier time trying to find space to display the project. You also get to foster teamwork.

If your classroom window has an interesting view, take advantage of that feature. Clean the windows and make sure there is easy access to that part of the room. If your classroom does not have windows, you should not despair. Seek permission from your school principal or your school administrator. Your students can be involved in this process. Get a hold of nontoxic paints so that you can let your students paint the walls. Allow them to create drawings and writings on these walls. Make sure that you supervise them well so that you can avoid inappropriate pictures on these walls.

Art classes can be another chance for you to have your students decorate your classroom. It can be more fun if your decorations were created by your students. For every art class project that you ask from them, you can display the best ones inside the room. Choose several creations and display them accordingly.

About the Author: Melody N. Andes enjoys writing for which sells

kids wall decals


classroom rugs

as well as a host of additional products.


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Mauritanian refugees begin returning home from Senegal

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mauritanian refugees stuck in Senegal for nearly two decades after fleeing ethnic clashes in their home country have begun returning to Mauritania under a U.N.-sponsored program. But many do not want to return.

There were goodbye ceremonies and welcoming ceremonies attended by officials on both sides of the Senegal River as more than 100 former refugees were ferried on motorized pirogues.

A spokesman for the United Nations refugee agency, Alphonse Munyaneza, explained international funding will help pay for resettlement.

“Each refugee returning back to Mauritania will receive a piece of land equivalent to 140 square meters for establishing a house. UNHCR and the government of Mauritania will provide construction material so that they can build a house,” explained Munyaneza. “We will provide three months of food ration. We will provide a tent also.”

Each refugee returning back to Mauritania will receive a piece of land equivalent to 140 square meters for establishing a house.

Mauritanian refugee children broke out in song and laughter when officials arrived at their camps close to the border to get the process going.

There are more than 20,000 Mauritanian refugees in Senegal. Officials say the return program will extend over 18 months.

One of those happy to go is Haddy Sy. She says she left Mauritania after she was beaten up. This took place during a wave of ethnic violence that began in Arab Moor-dominated Mauritania in 1989 and escalated into border clashes, forcing tens of thousands of black, mostly ethnic Fula, Mauritanians into exile.

In the late 1990s, more than 30,000 refugees returned by their own means and some U.N. assistance.

Sy says she is leaving behind many good things in Senegal, including a peaceful setting, but that she is still happy to return to her home country.

Since taking office last year, the government of the elected, post-coup President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi has been making efforts to bring home the refugees, including several thousand more in Mali.

But many in Senegal do not want to return home, like Yaraah Sow, who lives in the Dagana refugee camp about 400 kilometers northwest of Dakar.

He says he is still very bitter about what happened nearly 20 years ago. He said his father, who was a civil servant, was attacked by a mob and died of internal bleeding at the gates of a hospital after doctors refused to treat him.

Sow accuses the military of seizing all his family’s property. He says that two of his younger brothers died on the trip to Senegal. He says his children are now going to school and that they are better off in Senegal.

One of the refugee leaders, Mohamed Ali Sow, who left when he was 10, says he is studying at a university in Senegal to become a lawyer to defend the rights of chased out Mauritanians.

He says the return program has been rushed, because he says people who had their property seized, houses burned, and jobs taken away, should have guarantees these will be restored. He says until then, he does not think it is wise to go back.

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Marussia F1 test driver Maria de Villota seriously injured in testing accident

Marussia F1 test driver Maria de Villota seriously injured in testing accident
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Marussia F1 team’s test driver, Spaniard María de Villota, was taken to hospital by air ambulance today after a collision in testing at Duxford Aerodrome.

At the end of her first installation run, the car she was driving had a low-speed collision with the loading ramp of the team’s support truck. According to BBC Cambridgeshire presenter Chris Mann, the car “suddenly accelerated” into the rear of the vehicle. The Marussia team released a statement an hour and a half after the accident, stating that she had been transferred to hospital, and a further statement would be issued once her condition had been assessed.

A spokesman for the East of England ambulance service, Gary Sanderson, said de Villota had “[…] sustained life-threatening injuries and following treatment at the scene by paramedics, she has been taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for further care.” According to witnesses, she was motionless for about fifteen minutes as medical teams attended to her, but did move her hands before being taken away from the test track. Medical charity Magpas, whose volunteer paramedics attended the accident, reported she had sustained injuries to her head and face, and was in a ‘stable condition’ when she reached the hospital.

Marussia reported her as conscious later in the afternoon: “Since Maria’s arrival at the hospital at approximately 10.45am this morning, she has been receiving the best medical attention possible at the hospital, which is the region’s major trauma centre. Maria is conscious and medical assessments are ongoing. The team will await the outcome of these assessments before providing further comment. The team’s first priority at this time is Maria and her family.”

De Villota was announced as Marussia’s test driver in March, having prior experience driving for Alan Docking Racing in Superleague Formula in Spain.

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A Guide To Gourmet Coffee

By Dylan Miles

Even a Coffee Bean or San Francisco Coffee outlet frequenter won’t be able to master the art of appreciating true gourmet coffee unless they know the history and info about gourmet coffee. Oh, of course, you don’t have to an EXPERT to enjoy and understand gourmet coffee, but knowing a little bit more than the grocery store owner who sells instant coffee would help you appreciate the taste, smell and absolute heaven that gourmet coffee fans know gourmet coffee is absolutely capable of.

Gourmet coffee is nothing like wine. With wine, the longer you leave (some wine, anyway), the better the taste, the higher the quality and the pricier it is. But with gourmet coffee, freshness says a lot. If possible, get coffee beans that have been roasted no more than 1 week before. And if you’re going to learn how to appreciate gourmet coffee, only buy 100% Arabica coffee.

It’s pretty hard to find freshly roasted coffee bean on the shelves of the local supermarket. Chances are, the coffee beans that you’re consuming today have been roasted at least 3 months back. One way to counter this problem is to buy the whole bean in batches and grind them with a home-coffee grinding machine as and when you need it. It’s really easy with the kind of machines they have today, so, if you want to learn how to appreciate gourmet coffee, grind it when you need it.

YouTube Preview Image

Once you’ve purchased the gourmet coffee beans, don’t just leave out there in room temperature. What you should do with gourmet coffee beans is to store them in an air-tight container in the fridge if you’re planning to use it soon. However, if you’re going to keep it, store the gourmet coffee beans in an air-tight container and keep it in the FREEZER.

You need the right grinder for the right brewer. Generally speaking, you can use about 2 tablespoons of gourmet coffee powder for 6 oz of water. Adjust the way you make your cup of gourmet coffee according to the way you like to drink your gourmet coffee.

With wine, the country where the grapes are grown makes a difference. With gourmet coffee, not only is the country of origin for the gourmet coffee bean makes a difference, the company that sells the gourmet coffee beans matters too. Buy only from reputable companies for gourmet coffee.

And one last thing about gourmet coffee is this – learn to enjoy it, appreciate the smell, love the taste, experiment with it and you’ll soon see the wonder of gourmet coffee. If you’re hurrying off for work in the morning, forget about gourmet coffee! During the morning rush, just stick to instant coffee.

About the Author: Dakota Caudilla, journalist, and website builder Dakota Caudilla lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of

on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.


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