Why Do Cardiac Arrests Happen In The Bathroom?

Cardiac arrest is one of the most common death cause nowadays.

It has only a 10.6% average survival rate. In the United States, approximately 395,000 cases of cardiac arrests take place out of the hospitals every year.

Many time we get to hear that someone got cardiac arrest in the bathroom. Here, we will discuss the cause of cardiac arrests happen in the bathroom. To maintain your heart health you can consult with any cardiologist in Chennai.

What is a cardiac arrest?

If the heart starts malfunctioning and stops beating unexpectedly, that is called cardiac arrest. In this situation, the heart fails to pump the blood to the other parts of the body as well as the brain. The heart muscles are failed to contract and expand so the blood can not flow. If the heat flow to the heart is blocked due to any blockage on the artery heart attack takes place. As a result of the heart attack, cardiac arrest may happen just after a heart attack. So heart attack and cardiac arrest are connected.

Why do cardiac arrests happen in the bathroom?

It is found that cardiac arrest has occurred in the bathroom very often. Which is not a coincidence, but there is some scientific cause behind it. Here we will discuss some of them.

  • Abrupt changes in Blood pressure

Talking bath in the morning is a risk factor for people with high blood pressure. To avoid cardiac arrests, the temperature of the water and environment should be on the count.

Sudden exposure to cold water cause sympathetic impulse, which causes a rapid fall in the temperature of our skin and also leads to high blood pressure. This abrupt changes in blood pressure reduce the blood flow to the heart as a result of this the heart failed to get enough oxygen. This may cause a cardiac arrest and heart attack in the bathroom.

  • Toilet Strain

The wrong posture of sitting for waste elimination is another reason for cardiac arrests in the bathroom. In seating position repeated and intense Valsalva Maneuvers is needed in order to empty the bowels. This excessive strain majorly affects the cardiovascular system causing insufficient blood flow in the heart. It leads to cardiac arrests. Squatting position is always better than sitting position as it requires less strain.

  • Sequenced Bath

According to Ayurveda, there is a proper way of taking a bath. If you want to take a head bath do not pour water on your head first. We all have a tendency to pour a shower or a bucket of water from our head, doing so makes blood from your entire body rushes to your head and the body has to adjust its temperature very quickly as we are warm-blooded. This can cause capillary or artery breakage, which leads to cardiac arrests. So pour water on your body first then on your head. Persons with high blood pressure must pay more and more attention to the sequence of bathing.

Though accidents like heart attacks and cardiac arrests are really uncertain and can happen any time anywhere, it can be life-saving if we take precautions as much as we can. In order to avoid any one of the heart attack or cardiac arrest, there is a lot of things we need to take care of. From proper diet to exercise, enough sleep, less stress, healthy lifestyle all of them are equally important for a good heart. All the above-mentioned things will help you to avoid cardiac arrest from an unexpected cause. If you diagnosed with any kind of heart blockage consult with a cardiac surgeon in Chennai.

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