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With more than 700,000 mobile applications available at the Apple App Store, it can be a little overwhelming for users who are browsing through the options and looking for a good mobile application but are not aware of technical details or which categories they should search for. In fact, the recent overhaul introduced by the advent of iOS 6 has made it difficult for even the experienced App Store shoppers to search for the perfect mobile application. Listed below are few tips to help iOS application users find what they are searching for at the App Store in order to ensure maximum user satisfaction and make the most of Apple s services:

1. Featured Section of App Store Apple makes it a point to update the Featured Section of its App Store every Friday each week. That is why visiting this section is recommended on Friday. Every Friday, the Apple editors choose the best app to place it in the Noteworthy and New section. Updates to old apps are also made on this day of the week. Moreover, a user can also get lucky and win a free app under the Featured Section on Friday. Every category of app selling at the App Store is available in the Featured Section; visiting this section on Friday will help users to narrow down their choices if they are concerned about a particular category of software. The redesigned App Store contains features that are more accessible to existing and potential users. For instance, the buttons appearing at the top help App Store visitors to easily locate the software categories; the More tab under the category options assists users to identify mobile applications under a larger list of more elaborate All Categories section.


2. Charts Section of App Store If a user is technically highly equipped and would thus want to use only the best mobile applications featured in the App Store, visiting the Charts Section is recommended. Only chart topping apps are listed under this section; they are further divided into the categories of FREE, Paid, and Top Grossing apps. Upon visiting this section, the user will see a default view that lists iOS applications of all categories. But the user can choose his/her preferred category by typing its name on the left hand corner of the top of the screen. Upon entering the subsequent screen, most users will be presented with a screen that presents a look similar to the previous one. But users searching for particular iOS mobile apps like gaming or news must take care to click on the further buttons that appear to get access to features such as adventure games, news magazines, etc. respectively. The advanced app searching tips on the App Store enables Apple mobile customers search by category within every section as opposed to the previous norm of the App Store that allowed searching only by categories.

The redesigned model of Apple s operating system, the iOS 6 has introduced the updated searching tips for apps on the App Store. Mobile researchers often point out that lack of knowledge of the searching patterns within the App Store may pose difficulty for a first time user. The above mentioned simple steps may be followed to ensure ease and lack of confusion while searching for software through the Apple App Store.

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