Simple Tips On How To Start A Conversation With A Girl}

Submitted by: Chu Nam

Are you looking for how to start a conversation with a girl? This article is for you. Most of guys think only need enough confident or humor then start make something to around women game then they will be good with women.

But if simple and easy like that then why most of guys very upset when face with actual women? If you dont other case, let read on how to start a conversation with a girl.

Tip 1: Dont Make It More Serious

That cause by you think about what will happen so much, you try to show up your skills or knowledge with women while you dont have own so much. But that dont is right way, it only mean you fear or you dont know what is right way. So you need keep normal and be yourself always take deep breaths and be freedom and relax, say to yourself that talking to a girl isnt such a big deal.


In fact you meet and talk to many women in your life, so this woman only same with other women that you told in pass. So when you have peace of soul and have confident about normal things then go to women you like and talk with her.

Tip 2: Make Her Feel You Friendly

Women always try to avoid guys who they dont know about anything before, and special is guys that dont respect or friendly by show up themselves wrong way. That very easy understands why these women reaction like that. That is one reality so you need solve it by prepare for yourself right knowledge below.

To move more on how to start a conversation with a girl, you need show up yourself with the way make her feel comfortable at first, consider the way you reaction to her, make her attention with simple, normal, friendly and comfortable. This is time for things good you will talk, not is difficult things need her to responds, because it so bored.

When she knows you are trust and friendly person, they will listen more from you. That will be good start a conversation with a girl then for more chance to talk with her.

Tip 3: Stop Show Her You Need Girl

Most of guys will make this mistake, dont really through all process normal meeting or talking of two persons. They only focus on say something or do something worth to get women they like. Dont try to do that because women easy to know this and they dont like that, they only consider these guys like bad person.

You dont need try to do hard things to how to start a conversation with a girl. Today you only need make smile and introduce yourself with right way make her feel comfortable and you friendly.

You only follow that, it very powerful, because women today very fast to go direct things of a conversation. Dont try to talk around mean things so much. If you dont have anything to say, let start by the way go to take for her some drinks or foods then is bla, bla things to say with her and her talk to you about things her interested in.

Now you have right way, and some new ideas of how to start a conversation with a girl, this time for you go out there to practice and get your experience. Out there always have enough women that you want (no limited) waiting for you to pick up them right now. Good luck!

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