Significant Mistakes In Mobile App Design

Significant Mistakes in Mobile App Design


Victoria Blue

For app success design is a key point. And it\’s not strange – because the design is first users see That\’s why design can either make or ruin your app success All successful apps have same elements, like elegant design, easy-to-use app interface and quick-to-reach features The mistakes are all different and not so easy to find But here is the top of most crucial mistakes to avoid in your design

1)Too many features. It\’s important to have useful features in your app Too many features is not the best decision – unnecessary functions can only spoil the app Of course, the app you create should help the users with their problem or task But too big number of features can turn any app into confusing mics When opening your app, users should immediately understand where the most important features are and how to use them That why, the idea to fit on more feature here and there is far from the best for


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and can make your app fall

2)Over designed app. It s well known that any people don t like white spaces and believe that they should be filled with something. But it is often a big mistake. But if you make the designers to draw something just to fill the white spaces, it can make a mess from the app The simplicity is always a key to success Skip all unnecessary elements You should leave only the crucial features, and make the user interface easy to understand and use.

3)Speed lacking app. If the design prevents your app from running fast, change apps design, not speed As with websites, if your app or something in the app is loading too long users will leave. The well-known website tendency, that the site loading longer than 4 seconds loose visitors is not just for web. This rule works with the applications too So even cool animation is not a reason to make the app slow – try to preload any necessary information and test your app for speed before final release.

4)Too many details. If you need to use descriptions, too much text in you interface – your app design has already failed All in-apps action should be intuitive and understandable without any extra explanations. Take into account that most users, who do not understand something in your app, just quit it Interface that is understandable even for children is ideal solution, especially in mobile design

5)Numerous Helps and FAQs It can look strange, but take into account that all popular apps need no help or FAQs and this is why they are so popular But think twice – if the app\’s FAQ is necessary for users – the app is too complicated to be quickly understood Remember, if you need FAQ, your usability war is already lost If you look at the app as a user, you can avoid many typical developers and mobile web design mistakes before the release If you still think everything is understandable, ask your parents, relatives or non-tech friends Now if they also find your app not complicated – you reached your goal!


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