Should I Get A Nose Job And Chin Implants At The Same Time?

By Dr Ahnsup Kim

In the world of cosmetic surgery, one of the dominating procedures is rhinoplasty or commonly known as nose surgery. Having your nose enhanced can either make a marked improvement or provide an awkward appearance depending on the skill of your surgeon. But there is one procedure that further enhances the result of a nose job, and that is a chin augmentation.

These two actually make a good pair in creating a more attractive profile.

Rhinoplasty is the surgical enhancement of the nose which requires two approaches, the closed and open, to manipulate the structures of the nose. Only with proper technique and a careful eye for aesthetics will a surgeon be able to come up with a nose shape and size most appropriate for the patient.


On another plane, the chin is also one facial feature that some people have some cosmetic enhancement done on. The common reason is because theirs are not properly shaped or are maybe jutting out in an awkward fashion making it less proportionate to the entire profile. With chin enhancement surgery one can enjoy a more defined chin that suits the face more appropriately.

It is inarguable that these two protruding features are the prominent ones that most defines the face. Some doctors even consider these two to be the ying and the yang of a person’s facial profile. Striking a balance between both these points creates what you would call facial symmetry or what is seen to the common eye as beauty.

Most of the time the nose becomes too large and the chin so drawn back that it results to the face becoming concave in appearance. But also the same, when the size, shape and orientation of the nose are too subtle in relation to the chin, it can result to the latter becoming too prominent.

That is why it is most ideal to have some enhancement done to both the nose and the chin, to result in what is called a facial duet. And this is what most patients fail to recognize resulting to a rather unbalanced appearance, sometimes even with an excellent nose job. A nose job that reshapes the nose either to lessen or lengthen its size with a chin shape that brings it forward creates a classic facial balance.

However, having the nose and chin done doesn’t always apply for all patients. That is why it is very important to have a thorough consultation with a reputable surgeon. If you want to create and overall balance on your face, be open to the possibility that having both done can actually make a ton of difference and improvement.

In some clinics, they even offer computerized imaging to show how the surgical outcome could turn out. But basically the success of your surgery is on the competence of your surgeon. You should find one whose work history is inclined towards the results that you are aiming for. But most of all, if you are aiming to strike a balance between your nose and your chin, your doctor should be highly competent on performing both these procedures.

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