Should I Bring My Quadriplegic Teenaged Son To A Bahamas Scuba Diving Holiday?

By Alexes Lebeau

Scuba Diving For All

The pleasures of scuba diving or snorkeling should not be limited to people who are physically fit. This experience should also be shared with those who have undergone great physical and emotional strain. A crippled child who is always confined to a wheelchair misses so much in life. Including them into the Bahamas scuba diving holiday will do wonders to their self esteem.

Families with physically challenged members joining them in their Bahamas scuba diving escapade are faced with several uncertainties. This dilemma has been resolved when all establishments including diving tour operators were mandated by law to make everything accessible to the handicapped.

Fortunately more and more diving outfits, not only the Bahamas scuba diving operators, are incorporating into their operations the specialized service for the physically disabled. They have designed, and installed ramps wide enough for wheelchairs. For underwater activities like diving or snorkeling, there is no need to handle paraplegics from the water and back to the deck. Specially designed manlifts do the job.



Physical activities like snorkeling and scuba diving help the differently abled re-adjust and re-enter the mainstream, as well giving them the chance to enjoy a different but exhilarating experience. Parents need not worry about the possible dangers that may befall their child during their holiday in the Bahamas. Scuba diving experts trained as buddy divers take care of the novices during the diving or snorkeling.

The integration of scuba diving as a recreational as well as educational activity for the differently abled, is now gaining wide acceptance world-wide. World class diving facilities are incorporating activities and structures that would help the physically challenged. This development has added to the many services provided by scuba diving operators.

Getting to the boat from the dock is easy for all. A ramp is added enough to accommodate a wheelchair. To get into the water, a manlift will help the guest get into the water and back to the deck. Physical exertion to help children or adults will be minimized.

Health Benefits Plus

The expert diver, who serves as the buddy is trained to interact, and handle people with different needs. They have modified scuba diving courses for this specialization. Factors like inability to communicate, and buoyancy are considered in scuba diving for the physically challenged.

Scuba diving for your teenaged son has many benefits. Physical exertion on his part will improve his muscle tone, and strengthen his heart muscles as well. What counts most is the freedom he will enjoy underwater. He can take scuba diving lessons during your Bahamas scuba diving holiday. He can also be a certified diver if he has the determination as well as the inclination.

So bring along your son to his first Bahamas scuba diving holiday. It will be the most satisfying experience of his lifetime. This would be the best gift you can give him. Get him the right gear from wet suit, to life bottles. So pack your bags and jet to the Bahamas. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing await you all.

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