Seo Versus Social Media: What’s The Score?

Submitted by: Mandi Pardley

The rise of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, three of the largest social media sites in the world has intensified the debate of SEO vs. social media . Five years ago or even shorter, search engine optimization (SEO) would clearly be the eventual preference by most internet marketers. However, a lot of things have changed since then like the explosion in popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook. Social media now is a major player in the internet. It’s up there on the highest ranks together with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There might even come a time when we’ll witness social networking sites surpass search engines when it comes to the amount of daily traffic they generate.

Speaking of their effectiveness as internet marketing tools, both SEO and social media have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. So it is not very practical to say SEO is better than social media or vice versa. First of all, they both operate differently and they are used by online users in a variety of ways. Comparing them against each other is therefore not very productive. It’s like comparing a fruit to a vegetable.

Anyway, let us look into the most basic attributes of each marketing resource. Let’s start with SEO.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

lAs the name implies, this is about optimizing your internet properties for the search engines. The main goal of SEO is to boost the rankings of a web page in the search results. There are hundreds of ways on how SEO is done. The most popular of these are keyword research, keyword integration, link building, article marketing, local search marketing, and of course the creation of high quality content.

lSEO is known for its unpredictability. The SEO tactics that work today may not be that effective tomorrow. This is due to the fact that the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. Dozens of these changes are implemented every single year. If you really want to be a successful and effective SEO practitioner, you have to keep yourself updated of these regular changes. This way you can revise your strategies to adapt to the newest developments.

Social media marketing:

lIt’s no secret that social networking sites are all the rage these days in the internet. The perfect proof of this is the unstoppable growth and popularity of Facebook which a few years ago was just a little site where university students connect and converse. The site has now grown to a huge company boasting of over half a billion registered members. It’s not clear how many of these are actually active users. Still their numbers are staggering. This is of course for Facebook alone. Bring into the picture other social sites like YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and we’ll be talking about over one billion people interacting in social media sites.

lA lot of online entrepreneurs are encountering difficulties in how to use social sites as marketing vehicles. This is understandable given the fact that social sites aren’t meant for businesses. They are meant to be places where people can connect and have conversations with each other. Therefore, the best way to market yourself or your business on these sites is to make yourself the topic of conversations. It doesn’t sound like marketing at all but it still serves the purpose of drumming up awareness about you and your business.

When every thing’s been said and done, there really is no point pitting SEO vs. social media. Both are great marketing vehicles and if you are a smart online entrepreneur, you should be focusing your attention to not one but both of them.

About the Author: Mandi Pardley is the sales coordinator at Smart SEO and works to ensure SEO is used efficiently in clients marketing campaigns and she works with clients to devise the appropriate course of action. Smart SEO is based in Lancashire for the past 5 years.Ranking Solutions are able to offer you the very best in

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