Roofing Contractors Are In Higher Demand Due To Housing Recovery

Submitted by: John Stone Sr

Outdoor contractors and roofers are becoming a more popular service as late. As the housing market continues to imrpove more people are purchasing homes. Many of the homes on the makret today was old or foreclosures, and many need repairs. As the homes have sat on the market for a while, the roof is one of the biggest things that often needs repair. Because roofing can be such a large and expensive job, it is often the number one thing that is left by the former homeowner. It is extremely important however to make sure that the roof is properly taken care of and maintained. Not taking care of your roof can lead to severe problems such as leaks and extensive water damage, which can become extremely expensive to fix over time.

Common services of outdoor contractor companies include shingle repair or replacement, rubber roofing, siding, waterproofing, permeant roof restoration, among others.Be sure to look for a contractor who uses only the highest quality materials, from brand names such as SunLife Roofing Systems, HydroStop Roofing and Waterproof, CertainTeed, Master Shingle Applicator, and MuleHide Products.

Roof restoration is a very viable alternative to the traditional roof replacement methods currently on the market. Roof restoration can offer the client the maximum return on investment for roof restoration. A contractor who is trained in restoration can permanently restore any flat roofing system for less than half the cost of the regular replacement. With the roof restoration, you never have to replace the roof again. In 10-25 years the roof will simply only need to be recoated, which costs around 1/8th the price of a traditional replacement. The cost savings with this method can be significant, and the system is guaranteed for 10 years.


Many contractors can install a variety of different commercial roofing systems as well. Samples include EPDM/rubber, TPO and PVC systems, along with Sunlife Roof Restoration system that many contractors specialize in.When selecting a contractor, it is very important to choose a contractor with proper experience, insurance,and knowledge. The best contractors are all fully insured, knowledgeable, and experienced in the work they conduct. A good contractor insures that all jobs are done to their highest quality standards, to ensure that there is never a unsatisfied client. When selecting your contractor, be sure to follow the advice in the article and get one who is recommended by others and that you can trust.

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