Relief For Achy Feet And Legs

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By Vincent Platania

At the end of a long day, most people ease out of their shoes and put their feet up. Their shoes feel tighter than when they put them on in the morning. Their feet are sweaty and hot. They want relief for achy feet and legs. The culprit in all this discomfort is gravity. Even when someone sits most of the day, blood and other fluids pool in the feet and ankles, making feet and lower legs swell, Standing or walking most of the day increases this effect, which is why podiatrists recommend trying on and buying shoes late in the afternoon, when feet have had a chance to swell.

There are some professions and some activities that aggravate this normal swelling. Teachers, retail salespeople, traffic police, nurses, assembly-line workers, and post office employees who walk a beat are among those who have jobs that keep them on their feet most of an eight-hour day. Dancers, hikers, children who play hard, and athletes who train for long periods on their feet also experience sore feet. For whatever reason, whether it is because of normal activities or pursuits that demand the utmost from our feet, most of us have sore feet at the end of the day and want to find quick, easy remedies to find relief from achy feet and legs.


What is the quickest way to find the relief that you need? Find a comfortable chair and footstool, or somewhere you can sit for a while with your feet at least as high as your hips. Take those shoes offand any socks or stockings that might also be binding your circulation. The goal is to allow gravity to undo some of what it did during your busy day. Put your feet up for at least thirty minutes so the swelling can go down. While your feet are elevated, circle your ankles, wiggle your toes, and point and flex your feet several times. These exercises will relieve any cramping, and will help the pooled body fluids move out of your feet. An added benefit is that you can begin taking care of yourself at the end of your busy day while you watch the news, read the paper, or visit with your family.

After the swelling has had a chance to go down, you are ready for the next step. Fill a small tub with water at a comfortable temperature. Some foot tubs available today also have a whirlpool feature, which is especially relaxing. To really pamper yourself, add some Epsom salts or other bath salts, or a little bit of bath oil or mild bubble bath.Let your sore feet soak for thirty minutes if possible, but at least for fifteen minutes.

After you have finished your soak, lift your feet one at a time and scrub the sides and bottoms with a mild soap and a bath brush with medium bristles. Make sure you wash carefully between your toes. Rinse thoroughly, and pat each foot dry with a soft, clean towel. This is a good time to push back the cuticles of your toenails or to trim the toenails while they are soft and easier to cut. You are now ready to rub a good foot lotion into your tired foot muscles, paying special attention to your arches, ankles, and the pads of your heels and balls of your feet. Also, take time to rotate each toe several times and give it a gentle tug. You will feel the tension drain out of your feet and legs.

To take the best care possible of your feet, spend a little time caring for your shoes. Have at least two pair that are well-fitting and in good repair that you can wear to work. Alternate wearing your shoes so they have a chance to dry out before you wear them again. To absorb perspiration and reduce foot and shoe odor, wear absorbent stockings or socks. You might also try a deodorant foot spray or a foot relief spray when you dress or any time you would like a little relief from hot, tired feet when you are away from home or dont have the time for a full foot soak.

At the end of your day, when you can steal some time just for yourself, find relief for your achy feet and legs. You have worked hard and earned that special reward.

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