New York City Public Relations: Putting The Public Back In Public Relations

New York City public relations: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations


Kevin Waddel

The New York city public relations scene seems to be thriving in the wake of the technological revolution which has given rise and considerable power to social media. Regardless of the changes brought about by social media, there will always be a need for New York city public relations professionals and their counterparts throughout the world to enhance the dialogue between companies and the public. The real questions are: what will that communication look like and does your current firm constantly evolve to help you with it?


There have been quite a few naysayers who believe that the New York city public relations world is dead thanks in large part to the rise of social media. Social media has not killed the New York city public relations world and television didn’t kill the radio. Quite the contrary. PR has never about having all the control like advertising. Think of it this way: Advertising is like a monologue while PR is about dialogue. A fact many of us on the New York city public relations scene recognized many, many years ago. PR, particularly as practiced by New York city public relations professionals, has often been thought of as ‘spin control.’ Many reporters view New York city public relations professionals with disdain for employing such tactics as sending out bad or misguided pitches or serving as gatekeepers for CEOs and executives. Nothing could be further from the truth as good PR practitioners — be they members of the New York city public relations community or not – possess an awareness of outside trends and sentiments, demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a good corporate conscience while facilitating an authentic dialogue between organizations and the public – through traditional and social media, as well as several other means. The best New York city public relations counsellors, and the companies they represent, are known for enabling and facilitating valuable two-way communications that result in action or a strong debate that leads the public to think about things a little differently than before. PR professionals – New York city public relations pros and their worldwide brethren — who understand how to work with journalists and how to leverage social media in a fully integrated way are the people you want to be doing business with. Companies depend on their partnerships with PR professionals to make that authentic connection with customers possible. Those PR professionals – part of the New York city public relations world and elsewhere — bring the fundamentals of driving a valuable dialogue, can help you navigate a crisis and create valuable opportunities to advance your business goals.

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