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Mom, Dad, I m bored! What can we do?

You re getting pretty much bored these days being a stay-at-home parent, and your child doesn t know what to do too? Or you need fresh ideas to make some changes in your routine? Here are great tips to put magic in your days!

1. Prepare to have fun

Get up before your little one and prepare all you need depending on what you want to do. By having all ready you will be more relaxed during the day and ready to grab fun moments.

2. Vary the magic

Change what does not tempt you today. No cereals, fine. Reheated pizza (like an organic and veggie one, it s best to eat healthy food) for breakfast, why not? Your child wants to wear clothes out of the ordinary? Let him – and do it too you might like it!


Find how you can change every part of your routine. Dancing doing the dishes or sweeping may be a movie clich but it’s really more fun and there is every chance that your child will do so too!

3. It’s time for a special activity!

Ask yourself what you liked to do when you were young? An indoor playhouse done with blankets it s raining? Build a camp in the woods? Your child will be excited and you will rediscover your joyfulness.

You can go out at activity centers specially designed for children too. But the memorable moments don t have to be expensive.

4. Have your own fun time

Ask yourself what would excite you today and keep at least an hour to do it. Watch a movie, take a class, a beer with friends?

5. Accomplish yourself once and for all

I know that without using my potential and helping others to be happy, I get bored. That’s why I started writing and make available the website Blissful Stay-At-Home Parent. I’m busy but I like my life!

What are you lacking in your life? Do you have a dream that you re waiting to do? Follow your passions and start your project step by step – you’ll be amazed at the results when we roll up our sleeves and do it at last!

6. Carpe Diem

Now is the only time you have. That’s right! “Seize the day”, live fully, savor the pleasures of life.

7. Think of fun instead of…

You should not be reluctant to do a stay-at-home parent task, complain about the weather or be too serious. Remember to have some fun in everything you do and see what is positive everywhere. Your moral will be uplifted, contagious and you will be an inspiration for other people, including your child. But precisely, your child may be your best model to show you how to have fun with everything.

P.S. Why “kick boredom far away” in the title? Because I felt myself like having fun and variety in writing this article! Stay tuned for other great titles…

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