Is He Cheating? The Causes Of Infidelity}

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Infidelity can be looked upon as an emotional crime and hence, it is always important for you to seek answer to the question Is he cheating? If your husband or partner is cheating, you need to find out the reasons or the causes behind such act of emotional crime. There can be cause which are specifically attached to your husband or partner and there can be causes which can be related solely to you. In either case, you will have to try and find out some method to stop that from happening. Let us take a look into the various causes of infidelity.

Rules of the society: We are social beings and hence, we follow the rules of the society. It is because of these rules that life can often become monotonous. It can be this monotony which forced your husband to move out of the relationship with you and explore other corners which can help him to find some joy. It is natural that he will be looking for something challenging and in an attempt to do so, he will quickly get attached to some other women. As said earlier, this attachment is solely because of challenging the laws of society and not because of the fact that he has some kind of anger on you. If this is what is causing the problem, you need to be vigilant and come up with something which can keep his life spiced up.


Getting bored: It can happen that your husband is bored with you and that he wants to get out of that boredom. In that case, he will want to marry to the other woman with whom he is emotionally attached and may be physically attached. He will deliberately bring this attachment to your notice with two motives, First, he will think of the new relationship as an opportunity to extricate the existing relationship with you and second, he will want you to make the first move towards divorce.

Thinking of you as inferior: Your partner or husband can have a superiority complex and he can think of himself to be physically more attractive than you and also that he is intellectually superior to you. It is because of these reasons that he will think that since he cannot go back in time to marry someone who is equivalent to him on moral as well as physical beauty levels, he has all the rights to violate the boundaries of the relationship with you can get along with someone who is superior to you and equivalent to him on the moral level and other parameters.

Seeking attention: You need to accept this! If you are not giving proper attention to your husband, you will have to face infidelity. Your husband will seek maximum attention both mentally as well as physically. If for some reason you are diverting your attention to somewhere else, your husband will feel left out and move closer to another woman who can give him the closeness he is looking for!

Is he cheating on you is dependent on a number of factors and hence, you need to analyze them so that you can prevent the chances of infidelity!

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