Is American Home Shield Warranty Right For You?

By Yiron Davis

If you are purchasing a home warranty, then there are several companies to choose from including Sensilbe, First American, and AHS and several other top choices. American Home Shield is one of the leading providers of home warranties and is a subsidiary of Service Master Company. American Home Shield has experience of thirty five years and almost 1.3 million customers.

If you are planning to buy an existing house that has a home warranty, then it definitely gives you more confidence during the purchase of the house. After all, you have the full right to enjoy your new house completely free of any unexpected breakdowns of your home appliances.

A home warranty is the best protection against repair and replacement of the major home appliances. The service contract of American Home Shield is valid for a year. The contract is applicable to most of the major home appliances irrespective of their age or model. A service fee will be charged by the contractor every time there is a breakdown of the home appliance.

The basic coverage includes the following appliances:


– Heating Systems

– Water Heater – Built-in Microwave – Ceiling Fans – Plumbing Systems – Oven or Range or Cook top – Garbage Disposal – Plumbing Stoppages – Electrical Systems – Dishwasher – Exhaust Fan – Ductwork

You, as a home owner, can extend the AHS coverage to the following devices too.

– Central Air Conditioner

– Dryer – Refrigerator – Swimming Pool – Spa – Garage Door Opener – Washing Machine – Well Pump

You can also get a Flex plan which covers pre-existing conditions. Most of the home warranty plans of AHS are inexpensive and affordable.

As a seller, it would work wonders if you sold your house with an American Home Shield home warranty. The buyer of your house would feel more confident in you and also if any appliance breaks down during this real estate transaction, the warranty will take care of it.

As the home warranty plans of American Home Shield are affordable and trustable, the home owners find it safe to purchase their home warranties.

In most of the home warranty companies, the home warranty is effective from 30 days of purchase. But the American Home Shield home warranty is effective as soon as you buy it so you do not have o wait for a month for assistance in case any appliance breaks down. However, please note that you need to choose the policy that provides this kind of coverage. The plain vanilla plans offer standard coverage which covers the common household appliances including air conditioner, heater, washer, dryer etc. There are some companies that provide coverage to only selected appliances. For example, you can get the coverage for HVAC unit or just for water heater. As a homeowner, you will know which appliances are aging and need protection.

Before you buy the warranty, make sure you compare the plans, premium and deductible per repair incident. Some companies charge excessively higher deductibles.

About the Author: To learn more about the pricing and plan details, visit American Home Shield review site which also offers home warranty plan comparison tools, price ranges and ratings for all major appliance warranty companies in US and Canada.


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