Indecision Is Death}

Indecision Is Death


Ellie RomeReed

I have had a lot happen on my path and sometimes I have had to make difficult decisions. Regardless of what youre going through, you have to make a decision. Because doing the indecision limbo is going to kill you.

I read Napoleon Hills Outwitting the Devil and really resonated with the story. I have a lot to say about the book, but I will stick to the singular point: Indecision is death.

Napoleon Hill was struggling. He didnt know what to do or what his next step would be. On a walk one night, he received information about what he should do next, from his other self (or his higher-self). He made a decision to follow the guidance of his higher-self and it led to amazing things happening in his life!


Back to my decision: I was on the fence about leaving my 9-5 job. I was dealing with non-stop migraines since November 2016 and I had been on short term disability. During that time, our nanny quit and my autistic son started acting worse than ever before. I knew the doctor would not sign any more paperwork unless I agreed to Botox, which intuitively I knew was not a healthy option for me.

So I spoke to coaches and mentors, all of whom encouraged me to make a decision either way and stick with it. I even had a conversation with an amazing person who said, Logic and responsibility can trick us sometimes. He told me not to go backwards. So I made the decision to quit.

For the next couple weeks, I started to wonder if I was making the right decision (you know, ego tries to keep you safe with the known instead of the grander possibility of the unknown). So I did what anyone who had made a decision and didnt want to waffle back and forth about it would do: I hit send on my resignation letter.

I felt an immediate relief. The stomach ache that had plagued me for weeks was gone. I was able to sleep through the night again. I even stopped grinding my teeth.

It didnt matter if I had enough money in the bank, if everything was lined up, I had to make a decision and commit to it. Because when you commit, the Universe shows up to support you. Or rather, Leap and the net will appear.

Dont get stuck in the cycle of, Let me think about it a little longer. You will never stop thinking! Make a decision, get out of that discomfort! Then you can step back and ask, Does this decision serve me? When asking that question, you havent let the opportunity pass you by. You can always change your mind later, if things no longer serve you.

Heres another piece of advice I learned: Define failure for yourself.

What is failure to you? Now dont give up on that thing you said yes to until you actually fail at it. And I guarantee, you wont fail. But until youve reached the point of failure, you dont know if you dont try AND you will regret 100% of the shots you dont take!

Make a decision. Try something new. Give yourself a chance at success.

Everyone has a story, but sometimes we allow fear to prevent us from sharing it with the people it could most inspire.Everything you want is right outside of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to dream big and know that it is possible to achieve every one of your dreams. They’re all on the other side of fear.

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