Improve Your Looks With Teeth Whitening}

Improve your looks with teeth whitening


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Teeth can become stained from a variety of reasons.

Drinking dark liquids such as coffee, red wine and cola.

Age that causes the tooth enamel to crack and debris to enter.

Taking certain kinds of antibiotics when the teeth are forming.


Ingesting too much fluoride (fluorosis).


Dental caries or tooth decay also causes what looks like a dark stain, but no tooth whitener can correct this; it must be drilled and filled.

Teeth whitening can be done at home or by your dentist. Before deciding which option you will use, advice from your dentist should be considered. The dentist will be able to tell what exactly is causing the discolouration on your teeth and what kind of treatment is necessary to remove it.

If fluorosis, or taking antibiotics whilst the teeth were forming has caused the stain it will be impossible to remove completely, though with the correct treatment it may become much less noticeable.

Teeth whitening products are considered quite safe, though some may cause local irritation while being used. But health experts recommend that women who are pregnant should not have their teeth whitened in case some of the product is inadvertently swallowed. No tests have been carried out to determine any possible negative affects on the unborn child.

Once teeth whitening has been completed, it is advisable to drink dark liquids through a straw so that there is less chance of teeth becoming stained again. Of course, if you smoke then you can expect the teeth to become stained again quickly.

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Improve your looks with teeth whitening }

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