Ideas On How To Decorate A Fun Classroom

By Melody N. Andes

Students learn a lot from school. When the classroom is an environment that fosters this learning, the students can reach their full potentials. This is why it is very important for you to know how to decorate your classroom.

Consider introducing more color into your area. The colors can make the students feel more motivated to participate in the discussions and to perform in the tasks.

Create a list of students that have performed pretty well in the past week or month. You should know how to assess your students correctly. Also be considerate enough to those who have not performed quite well. It may be fair for you to put the same students on the list if they are performing consistently well. However, you should create criteria that will include those students who are greatly improving. This will show that you appreciate the work that they are trying to put in their tasks. This might also trigger them to do better the next time around.


Poetry can be a good way for your students to share their feelings and thoughts. If you are the teacher, you need to expose your students to literature. Poems can be written all over the classroom. Be creative and look for areas that can be great to place these poems. Consider writing on the walls, the desks and even on the floors and ceilings.

Teach your students the importance of recycling. You can mix lessons and actual room decoration with this tip. Ask your students to bring items that they have thrown out but can still be recycled. Write down some guidelines on what these materials might possibly be. Don’t forget to instruct them to bring some glue, paste, etc. Think of an idea that can be the main thought of the recycling project. After this, you can display whatever creation your students have finished doing. Making your students work on one huge project may be better than instructing them to make one on their own. You can have an easier time trying to find space to display the project. You also get to foster teamwork.

If your classroom window has an interesting view, take advantage of that feature. Clean the windows and make sure there is easy access to that part of the room. If your classroom does not have windows, you should not despair. Seek permission from your school principal or your school administrator. Your students can be involved in this process. Get a hold of nontoxic paints so that you can let your students paint the walls. Allow them to create drawings and writings on these walls. Make sure that you supervise them well so that you can avoid inappropriate pictures on these walls.

Art classes can be another chance for you to have your students decorate your classroom. It can be more fun if your decorations were created by your students. For every art class project that you ask from them, you can display the best ones inside the room. Choose several creations and display them accordingly.

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