How To Stop Menstruation, Home Remedies For Menstruation

Menstruation is a problem which has to face by every woman in every month. Menstruation means ovaries contain eggs and when these eggs ready to release than bleeding comes out from the vagina. It starts when a girl get matured or in puberty time. There are many disorder related to menstrual cycle like lack of periods, heavy periods, painful and gaps in menstruation. It remains for 3 to 7 days. There are many causes of these disorders like illness, stress, hormonal changes, over weight and anemia. Sometimes women feel very weak in these days. Women have to be very careful and take care of themselves. 

There are many pills available to stop the menstruation cycle. But these antibiotics can harm your body and not guarantee to stop bleeding. Pills like contraceptive pills. But there are no as such pills to stop menstruation. Many women have excess bleeding during menstrual cycle there are many ways to slow down the bleeding like make use of water. Consume water as much as you can. It helps you to clean infection in your body through urine.  Exercises and yoga are very good method to slow down the heavy bleeding. It is also good for over all circulation of your body and give energy. Try to learn some postures of yoga like paraynams.

Have a nutritious diet avoid intake of spicy food. Avoid fast food and bakery products. Also decreases the usage of sugar and sweet products. It helps you in slow down the menstruation. Consume raw fruits and fresh vegetables to get rid from excess bleeding during menstrual cycle. Consume coriander seeds it helps in lessen the bleeding. And you can use coriander seeds in your tea. During consume foods which are highly rich in calcium this will work to lessen t he heavy bleeding. In these days try to consume less starchy foods and less greasy. Consume healthy diet.


Avoid medicines. During menstruation your abdomen wants heat. So avoid consuming cold foods and taking bathe in warm water. You may recommend sun bath or air bath. During menstruation you need to be take care of personal hygiene. If you are discomfort try to deviate yourself by reading books or watching movies.

Some home remedies to stop menstruation. Many women suffered from heavy bleeding during menstruation. There are many ways to avoid bleeding like reduces intake of sugar and sweets during period. This will definitely helps you to get rid of heavy bleeding. Other way is to stop menstruation is practice yoga. Yoga is good exercise for stops heavy bleeding during menstruation.

Parsley are very good herbal treatment in stopping heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle. Consume parsley juice once in a day. A fruit like papaya and safflower seeds is good to consume in menstruation time. It helps you in lessen the heavy bleeding.

Drink more water during periods it will helps you a lot and it helps you to reduce pain during periods

Coriander seeds are very good remedy to reduce heavy bleeding during periods and it will helps you to stop menstruation

These are some natural and other ways to stop menstruation and these solutions will definitely help you.

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