How To Look Younger As You Grow O Ider

By Janice Tham

As the years pass you by, you should be prepared to watch your looks deteriorate year by year. That is the assumption most people make. An assumption that is thankfully wrong.

In reality, a woman who cares for herself can look better and better as the years go by. Yes, wrinkles and gray hair will eventually show up, but compare a 25 year old woman who can’t be bothered with her health and is grossly overweight, and who abuses her body with her bad habits, to a 60 year old woman who cared for her body over the decades, who kept trim and healthy through a healthy diet, exercise and clean living. Who do you think looks better?

The younger girl may have the bloom of youth but the unfit body spoils it all. The older woman may be fit and glowing with health.

The other day, I found myself envying a grandmother’s figure. She had gray hair and was talking about her grandchildren. Her figure was trim and shapely. Sexier by far than many women half her age.

A younger woman or even a teenager with a sedentary lifestyle, who lives on junk food can well be obese. Maybe she spends all her time sitting in front on the TV or computer and calls in a pizza or greasy fast food for lunch and doesn’t touch fruit or veggies. Not only would her weight be affected, chances are her skin, hair and nails would be dull. Or blemished. If her idea of a workout is to lift crisps into her mouth, she is probably in big trouble.

Even if she doesn’t think she eats much, her sedentary lifestyle would ensure a slow metabolism and that alone can cause her to gather fat.

If you have a weight problem, the first thing to do is a reality check. Get a diary and note in it everything you et and drink. Coke and fruit juices a high in calories too. Calculate how many calories you actually consume everyday. If your total calorie intake exceeds 1800 calories per day, you might want to revise what you eat and drink.

I know of a girl who was obese in her early twenties. One fine day, she decided enough’s enough! She started working out in the gym and watched what she ate. You might think sweet sixteen is the time in your life when you look your best. Not so with my friend.

15 years later, in her late thirties, she looks absolutely amazing. Far younger, far sexier than she was in her youth. Her efforts paid off in spades. Last I heard, she modelled for a fitness book.

My point is this. It is never too early or too late to start. Once you set foot on a healthy lifestyle and stick to it, as the years go by, you will find your body healthy lifestyle and stick to it over the years. you will find your body become fitter and better looking with the passage of time.

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