NGO formation:- The word NGO stands for non govt. organization. These organizations are basically set up for the welfare of society and its people not for the purpose of finance and profit or loss. The process of formation and Registration of a Non -Profit organizations in India depends on following basis:-

1. Trust 2. Society welfare 3. Non financial nature The NGO is registration under the Section-25 Company and include some additional Licensing/ Registration.

Registration procedure:- An application for registration should be made with the policies and rules of the NGO establishment.After providing details provide the designation by the followings:-

1.The public trust shall be known in it.2.Mention names of trustees.3.The mode of successionThe applicant has to be stamped with the court fees of Rs.2/- to the form and pay a normal registration fee which is approximately Rs.3/- to Rs.25/- depending on the trust property and its value.

The application should be signed by the applicant and with the proper documents before the regional officer or superintendent of the regional office of the charity commissioner or a notary. The application form should be attached with a copy of the trust deed.Two other documents which should be submitted are affidavit and consent letter.


Business registration in India:- The registration of the business in India is under the Companies Act 1956 which is sets down with the rules for the establishment of both public and private companies.A company is formed by registering the Memorandum of articles which contains rules and regulations and Articles of Association with the State Registrar of Companies.The Registry is mandatory and the regulator for the Companies Act and this Act requires setting up of an advisory board.

Online trademark registration in India:-

1.You first have to Prepare and fill the Trademark application.

2.You should maintain your File with India Trademark Attorney who is our Trademark Consultant during the time your the Registry.3.Then you require is the acceptance of the application or objections by the office.4.Advising application publicly in Trade Marks Journal.5.Then you have to keep a copy of the relevant publication page with you.6.Then required the advising time limits for responding to office actions.7.Then finally you are assisted to prepare the response to the office objections through the services of our India Trademark AttorneyAfter this process you can able to get the application of the registration of the trade marks.

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