Everything About Chelation}

Everything About chelation



The word “chelate” means hold onto. The main agent of this process is EDTA. It binds itself with these heavy metals that get deposited in the arteries and blood vessels and helps in removing these from the body thereby bringing the essential nutrients to the starving tissues of the body. Thus even helps in Peripheral arterial disease, a disease a person’s life is troubled with pain and disability.


Using certain chelating agents toxic materials, minerals and metals from the body can be removed. The agents form a bond with these heavy metals resulting in encapsulation of the metals with the agents. Afterwards these agents are being released out of the body through the urine. One of the most identified toxins is Arterial Plaque. This is done to avoid the plaguing of arteries and preventing from heart attacks. There are a number of chelating agents being used now-a-days, commonly used are Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic acid (EDTA), Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA), Dimercaptopropane Sulfonate.

The chelate forms a reversible ionic bond with the toxins. With this intact bond being formed they are then passed into the digestive system and are then excreted out of the body. The toxins are not neutralized in this process and there is a probability that they get attach to other cells on their way out of the human body. Thus even proves that removing these heavy metals is not at all full proof. Not only this, sometimes these heavy metals sometimes take away some of the important nutrients and minerals with them.

Clathration is the only solution that does not possess any of the above disadvantages. In this process this substance like PCA-Rx forms a three dimensional network all around the heavy metal almost in the form of a capsule. This helps in its neutralization and thereby no contact with other minerals takes place. This is then flushed out of the body. As these toxins are flushed out there are negligible chances of re-infecting the body. This solution is helpful in removing heavy metals poisoning like lead and mercury.

A long ago EDTA Chelation was a really long and a tedious procedure and a really expensive too. This sometimes costs in the range from 3000 to 6000 dollars in totality. Several people even were not able to afford it. This results that those people lose their legs, limbs and sometimes results in loss of lives. But today one can manage the treatment at one’s home and one place a order for that and it takes 1-2 minutes every evening to the treatment.

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