Common Mistakes Made When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

By Rich Casey

If you are in the market for a new roof, our experience can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make, especially those who are not experienced in purchasing roofs.

The first problem possible is practically a universal one when it comes to purchasing anything. Don’t look for the cheapest price. The general rule of thumb applies that ‘you get what you pay for’. The workmanship of a particular roofing contractor can vary widely and often the variance is applied toward the price you pay. One possible variance is the existence of workman’s compensation and liability insurance for the contractor. These are necessary and expensive items. A contractor without them will be able to propose a price well below those who do but could obviously end up costing you a whole lot more in the long run. Don’t let a contractors shortcut they take to become cheaper cost you money.

Don’t insist on hiring a company that can start right away. Any business that is so quick to respond and can start the next day almost clearly does not have enough business. A roof is a long term investment so you need to hire someone who will be around to stand behind it. Check everything you can to determine how long the companies you deal with have been in business and the strength of their financial position. Check their safety record as that is a good determinate of financial stability.


Do not use contractors without an office staff. Make sure there are back end employees carrying out the day to day business of the company. Single man contractors working out of their home are just fine when you are doing odd or small jobs, but, again, the long term nature of a roof necessitates a larger, more stable company.

Do not purchase a roof before you are ready simply because the salesman is giving you a time sensitive price to ‘keep the crews working’ or ‘get started before winter’. Even with fluctuations in material, any reputable company will be able to hold pricing for at least thirty days to give you a fair amount of time to make an informed decision.

The warranty is an important part of every roofing project and the longer it is, the better. However, many people make the mistake of making it the only consideration when making the decision. For instance, regular maintenance is a normal part of all warranties. If a longer warranty requires twice as much annual maintenance as a shorter one, it may not be cost effective in the long run. Also, some companies require the owner of a new roof to use that specific company for regular maintenance at a higher price than normal.

The worst mistake anyone can make is having a friend do the work. Roofing is a very complicated endeavor and the consequences of failure are drastic. At best, the roof leaks and you have to pay for repairs or replacement. At worst, one the myriad of possible safety problems comes up and you have to pay liability damages.

About the Author: Rich Casey has been the owner and operator of a Florida Roofing Contractor for over 20 years. Visit the website to learn more about Florida Roof Contractor.

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