5 Easy Ways To Sell Your Ad Space Like Crazy

By Sam Indrajaya

If you have a website with a heavy traffic then you should consider to sell ad space on your website. Just imagine to have 10 pages website and you sell 5 add spaces on each page for 10 dollars. By the end of month you will receive 500 dollars respectively.

Selling ad space is very profiting if you have the right techniques to do it. Now I will show you several ways to maximize your profit when selling ad space on your website.

1. Give discount.

Let’s say when your customers spend over a certain amount of money for an ad space, you can offer them free ad space, even discount to the amount of ads they buy. It will encourages them to buy more ad space from you. Because they know that they will get something in return even before they receive any results from their ads.


2. Give away free bonus.

When your customers renewing their ad order, you can give them a free bonus such as an ebook, software, special report, etc. But remember don’t offer them the same bonuses over and over again, so it’s important to track your customers’ ad posting activities so you know what to offer them because like it or not, you must have a different treatment for your long lasting customers.

3. Sell more ad spaces in your webiste.

You can insert several ad space in your sales letter, articles, even ebook, or special report. You must take advantage in all media that people will read from your website. Turn every part of your website to be the source of profit for you.

4. Create custom content relate to your customers’ product

What I mean about custom content is article, product review, etc. Tell your customers that you can also write them a product review or endorsement letter and put it in your message boards, articles, ebooks or special reports. So this is like providing your certain customers with the perfect media to place their adds which can attract targeted traffic to their products or services. Trust me, You’ll sell a lot of ads.

5. Give your customers guarantee in results.

When you give your customer guarantee for their advertising results, it gives them more secure feeling to do business with you. But what if they don’t like the traffic they receive? You can give them a refund or give them another free add. It’s a win win solution, you must maintain a good credibility.

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