Maintaining Your Burglar Alarm: A Quick Guide


After researching local companies, you have finally located the best manufacturer of burglar alarms in Louisville, KY, and have booked and completed your installation appointment. Now all that is left to do is relax and enjoy your newfound safety, right?

While you should expect your burglar alarm to work correctly, you must still do your part to make sure it keeps working as it should. This will typically involve maintenance tasks and tests, which you will have to perform on a regular basis to ensure your alarm system is in the best possible condition.

Ask for a Professional Inspection Each Year

Your local professional installer of burglar alarms in Louisville, KY, will also be the best person to test the devices and check they system. Be sure to contact your company on a yearly basis and ask them to send out a professional to conduct a test on your alarm system. With their extensive training and expertise, they will easily be able to spot any underlying issues and make the necessary repairs for you. This service should be affordable so schedule an inspection into your budget once a year.

Check Out the Controls

All burglar alarms in Louisville, KY, are attached to some type of control system. It is up to you to take a look at the controls for your security system regularly to ensure they’re still working properly. Your alarm company should be able to put the alarm in test mode so you can check all devices. Putting your system in test mode will prevent the possibility of any false alarms. After that, you can make sure your controls are in working condition. Broken parts and exposed wiring are all clear indications your controls are in need of servicing as soon as possible.

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